Volumising Face & Cheek Fillers Melbourne, Perth & Sydney

Remember how you looked 10 years ago? Volumising face fillers can turn back time, possibly making you look better than before…

Volumising Fillers performed by Dr Joni Feldman

Beautifying, age-defying effects can now be achieved non-surgically with volumising fillers injected by an experienced medical practitioner.

Our faces aged slowly and subtly. Over time, our faces suffer a loss of volume due to our underlying collagen and natural hyaluronic acid depleting. Fat stores deteriorate and even the bone mass in our faces decrease. This generalised thinning to all components of the face contributes to the general appearance of ageing. With volumising soft tissue fillers, your face can be filled and contoured to counteract these changes.

Where are volumising dermal fillers used?

  • Over cheekbones (cheek fillers) to create a higher, fuller look
  • Lifting eyebrows up to a more youthful position
  • Lifting the corners of the mouth
  • Creating a more defined or prominent chin
  • Lifting and enhancing sunken cheeks
  • Restoring volume to skeletal-looking temples
  • Improving slackened jowls by restoring volume, and creating a cleaner, straighter jawline

Are volumising face fillers right for me?

If your face is starting to age and you feel that you are suffering from any of the below, you may be a candidate for volumising injectable dermal fillers:

  • Flat or sunken cheeks
  • Deep smile line
  • Sunken temples
  • Early signs of jowls
  • Hollows or bags under the eyes

Injectable volumising fillers are also a wonderful option for those who want to enhance or augment their cheekbones without the downtime of surgery.

What does the treatment involve?

Volumising treatments usually involved just one injection into each designated area.

Occasionally further treatments may be required for optimal results. Initial treatment lays the foundation for further improvements or aesthetic adjustments.

There are various volumisers on the market today, however many of them behave differently with varying duration. When aiming for the best results possible it is important to realise that no one face filler is suitable for the entire face. Therefore, Dr Feldman will discuss this with you and ascertain the best dermal filler for the desired results on your face.There are lip fillers, under eye fillers, cheek fillers and more. Sometimes a procedure called a liquid facelift is performed, where different fillers are used in different parts of the face for a more comprehensive facial rejuvenation treatment. These treatments are involved in all of her clinics: in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.