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Chrissy Teigan goes public with her armpit liposuction procedure

By October 5, 2017October 30th, 2019Uncategorized

 Celebrity armpit liposuction

Armpit liposuction: would you do it? Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teagan did – and she’s happy to tell the world!

There aren’t many women, particularly those over the age of 30, who don’t shudder slightly at the thought of donning a strapless top. Sure, we can wear one; it won’t bite us. We love to keep cool in summer and can delight in baring a little more flesh, even exposing our armpit hair – Lola Kirk style –  if we want, but we’re not so keen about exposing a certain little ‘something extra’.

Armpit bulge. Also known as the bra bulge, or our favourite – the slug, this annoying little nuisance that arrives without invitation any time in our adult life, sits higher up the arm than the infamous batwing (a.k.a. tuckshop arm) and exposes itself underneath the arm. To be clear, it makes an appearance the moment you slip on a tight bra or gorgeous little strapless number.

The good news? If you don’t like it, it’s fairly easily removed with liposuction. And armpit liposuction is nothing to be ashamed of. Just ask Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teagan.

“ It was so easy… It made me feel better in dresses. I felt more confident” – Chrissy Teagan

Isn’t that enough?

Agreed, liposuction won’t be an answer to all your problems, and yes, there are loftier goals in life to aspire:  completing a qualification, advancing your career, raising healthy, well-balanced children, throwing yourself into charity work – whatever you aspire to do. But if there is something about your body’s appearance that you don’t like, and can be easily fixed, why not do something about it? All your problems, your successes, all of your life will still be there waiting for you. Albeit with less armpit fat.

If you’re interested in knowing what’s involved in liposuction for this area of the body, here’s the drill. Removing the fat from around the armpit area is relatively straightforward and safe. It’s a same-day, walk-in, walk-out procedure performed under local anaesthetic. Patients are given a light compression garment to wear for the next few days, and most people will be back to work within four to seven days.



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