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Cosmetic injectables, your face, and the subtle artistry of balance & proportion

By August 5, 2019October 30th, 2019Uncategorized

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference…

Ever had an astoundingly good make-up artist get to work on your face? It’s no slapdash affair. With a true artist at work, not a detail is spared, particularly with the prepping and the base. Carefully concealing, smoothing and softening any flaw, they meticulously check every angle. Because it’s the tiny details that make the difference. And it’s no different with cosmetic practitioners.

Volumising Fillers performed by Dr Joni Feldman

An excellent injecting practitioner will know that it’s the little details that count. Because it’s about balance – assessing the entire face from a 3-D perspective, carefully correcting and concealing, rather than unquestionably following a patient’s wishes, overly plumping up one particular facial feature without considering the bigger picture.

This ‘not quite right’ look is why you may have noticed that some faces ‘just don’t look natural’ anymore. Women have requested quick fixes, the practitioner has complied, and that’s what they’ve got.

But unfortunately, these results don’t always look balanced.

And balanced, natural-looking faces are beautiful faces.

“Only bad cosmetic procedures are noticeable. Good work looks more like you’ve had a fabulous holiday…”


A good cosmetic injector assesses the face with both art and science in mind. They have the medical chops to have a comprehensive understanding of all facial muscles and functions, and their associated ligaments and nerves. And they have the artistic sensibilities of a fine sculptor to assess the face as a whole.

Introducing Dr Joni Feldman

Dr Joni Feldman Cosmetic SurgeonCosmetic surgeon Dr Joni Feldman has performed more than 10,000 cosmetic injectable procedures and has been in the industry for over 20 years (and was one of the first doctors to introduce anti-wrinkle injections to Australian in Double Bay in the 1990’s), so there’s very little she hasn’t seen or experienced firsthand. In short, this makes her an excellent choice if you’re looking for a trustworthy practitioner.

Book an appointment with Joni, and certainly tell her what you want but we thoroughly recommend you leave a little room for some feedback regarding ways to bring about balance.

For example, Joni may offer a different solution that may be even less expensive than you had planned, as she may notice imbalances other than your primary concern that take precedence.

With an experienced eye and an armoury of clever techniques up her sleeves, Dr Feldman might, for example, make a series of subtle enhancements addressing several areas – with minimal amounts of filler – which could make an enormous difference to your overall aesthetic. Best of all, these tweaks will have you not only looking years younger but quite possibly looking more beautiful than you ever have.

Why so? Our faces aren’t nearly as symmetrical as we may think, so  correcting these asymmetries or proportional insufficiencies may have had for decades can give delightful results.

Now, to understand a little more about our faces and the ageing process, let’s have a look at how ageing effects proportions in ways that you may never have been aware.


Dermal fillers, Chin and Neck Liposuction by Dr Joni Feldman

Ageing. How did this actually happen?

As we age, our faces are subject to numerous changes. Our faces lose volume. Fatty tissue disappears, tissue sags and our natural levels of hyaluronic acid – that magical ingredient that gives us that gorgeous, youthful glow, slowly diminishes.

Our hormones change. Perimenopause, then menopause arrive without invitation, causing oestrogen levels to decline, dramatically affecting the moisture levels and elasticity of our skin.

Years of laughing, smiling, kissing, crying, frowning and all the stuff in between have left their mark with fine lines, wrinkles and furrows. And with all these changes, our facial proportions alter, revealing the tell-tale signs of ageing.

Most of us will say we don’t need someone to tell us we’re looking older. A glance in the mirror usually does the trick – but we don’t see everything. We can see the crows’ feet, the thinning lips, the odd line here or there, but we don’t have a surgeon’s eye to see the whole story.

The beauty of the browNonsurgical cheekbone and brow lift

A classic example of the power of subtle details is our temples and eyebrows. Have you ever noticed how wonderfully full and fat a young girl’s temples are? No, probably not. But our brows sag, and eyelids fall partly because all that youthful volume above our brow is disappearing.

Enter: volumising fillers (and perhaps a discrete tweak of anti-wrinkle injection to kickstart your brow muscles into action). Take a look at your brows now, then find a photo of yourself when you were 18. You may be surprised. (Who knew that it was little details like that that made you look so much younger?)

But this is just one of the many examples of subtle facial changes – and why we need a skilled professional to look after us. Just as our fabulous friend the makeup artist knows it’s not about the brightest lipstick or the longest lashes, Joni knows it’s not just about pumping up the volume. With fillers and injectables, it’s about carefully creating subtle enhancements and balance. More scattergun than slingshot.

A final word: let your face tell its story

Wearing your wrinkles as ‘a badge of honour’ isn’t always the badge most women would like to wear. But morphing into a plumped up, expressionless plastic doll isn’t what most of us are looking for either.

Good non-surgical cosmetic procedures should keep your youthful, attractive proportions in place, make you look more attractive and years younger, but still let your face tell its story, because all women have some downright absorbing stories to tell.

For more information contact Dr Feldman’s office today