The non-surgical browlift, in South Yarra, Melbourne

Lifting, enhancing and rejuvenating, the non-surgical browlift (using dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections) instantly takes years away without anyone noticing…

As we age, our faces lose bone tissue, connective tissue and fat. In the area around our brow and forehead, this can lead to thinner temples, less defined brows and drooping eyelids.

A non-surgical browlift leaves the scalpel behind and instead, through a series of tiny injections, both elevates the brow and adds youth-enhancing filler to the area. The results are a more refreshed, softer and more youthful appearance. Best of all, administered by an experienced professional like South Yarra, Melbourne-based surgeon Dr Feldman, it’s totally undetectable.

The browlift procedure (aka chemical browlift)

The browlift procedure has two stages, performed in one session. First, the anti-wrinkle injection, followed by dermal filler (face filler).

Anti-wrinkle injections

The anti-wrinkle injection is made of a natural substance that inhibits muscle movement. It is injected into part of a muscle around the eye called the orbucularis oculi. The function of this muscle is to close the eye and press the brow down. It also antagonises the forehead muscle which lifts the brow. By inhibiting its action, it allows the forehead muscle to freely contract, visibly lifting the brow.

Dermal fillers

Dr Feldman will use two different hyaluronic acid fillers – one to increase definition in the brow, elevating it slightly and another filler to add padding and softness around the temple.

The combination of these injections will give an immediate lift to the area, making you look younger and fresher. It can also significantly remedy drooping eyelids, as the brow will now now sit higher, pulling the skin back up.

Where is the clinic?

Dr Feldman’s Melbourne clinic is located at Suite 1102, 9 Yarra Street, South Yarra, Melbourne. She also tends to her patients in Sydney (Westfield Towers, Bondi Junction) and East Perth (Suite 2/10 Eastbrook Terrace) every six weeks. For full contact details, please see here.

How long will it last?

Depending on the type of filler used (with thicker formulations usually lasting longer), fillers have been clinically proven to last anywhere between six months to 2 years. Injections around active areas of the face, such as the mouth and lips tend to dissipate more quickly; however, less active areas of the face, such as cheeks or temples tend to maintain the filler for longer.

Is it safe?

There is minimal risk with dermal fillers. Lumping and bruising may occur when administered by an inexperienced practitioner. However, Dr Feldman has more than 25 years’ experience as a cosmetic surgeon, along with an unblemished track record. Occasionally, swelling will occur for a couple of days after the procedure.

Is it painful?

Dermal fillers are relatively painless. After a brief pinprick sensation as the needle or cannula is inserted, little else is felt as the contents contain a local anaesthetic.