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Liposuction South Yarra Melbourne

Why More Women are Choosing a Female Cosmetic Surgeon in Melbourne

Sometimes, it’s just nicer to speak to another woman…

When it comes to our bodies, no one understands us the way another woman does. Only another woman understands the endless changes – hormonally, physically, emotionally –  that arrive, often unannounced. Only another woman intimately understands the effect this may have on you. And this is exactly why some women prefer to seek out the empathetic ear of a female cosmetic surgeon to discuss their cosmetic concerns.

Dr Joni Feldman: Melbourne-based female cosmetic surgeon

Female Cosmetic Surgeon Dr JeldmanDr Joni Feldman has been practising cosmetic surgery for decades. She’s been performing liposuction for over 17 years and was one of the first practitioners to pioneer antiwrinkle injections in her Double Bay clinic in 1991, way before the days of Instagram and social media. With over 10,000 injectable procedures behind her, she is extremely skilled – and knowledgeable – there’s very little she hasn’t learned, experienced or seen first-hand.

Today, Joni practices in her registered day procedure clinic in South Yarra, Melbourne, where she is renowned for her liposuction (liposculpture) and subtle, natural-looking facial rejuvenation techniques. Joni has a strong female following, not only because of her detailed work but for her warm, empathetic nature that lends her to form close connections with her female patients.

On a personal note, Joni is a mother of two (young adult) children and is kept busy between managing her registered day surgery in South Yarra and travelling to see patients in both Sydney and Perth.

A Melbourne-trained surgeon with an unblemished insurance record, Joni has worked extensively both in South Africa and Australia.



  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) Melbourne
  • Medical Fellow of the
  • Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Diploma in Lipoplasty

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Female surgeon for liposuction

Dr Feldman still continues to perfect the craft she prefers to describe as ‘fine body sculpting’. Joni performs all procedures herself, never delegating to others. All liposuction procedures are performed under local anaesthetic only, so that she can carefully work in both upright and horizontal positions, ensuring the best possible results (and eliminating downtime and unnecessary expense for her patients).

Liposuction can be performed in many areas of the body, with popular areas including:

Cosmetic injectables

Anti-Wrinkle InjectionsJoni’s extensive experience and artistic abilities in cosmetic injectables sets her firmly apart from most. Meticulous, and at times pedantic, she works hard to provide extremely natural-looking results. She will sometimes go against a patient’s wishes, if they wish to inject more than she feels necessary, so as not to cross the ‘natural-looking’ line.

Recently, there has been an alarming increase in the number of cosmetic injectables practitioners and clinics, with some being far from scrupulous. Reports of counterfeit products and bogus operators with no formal qualifications have become common. Consequently, it is imperative that patients do the appropriate research to choose a practitioner with the professional credentials and experience necessary for your procedure.

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Choosing a female cosmetic surgeon

Volumising fillers and lip injectionsChoosing a cosmetic surgeon is an important decision. Understandably, many women would prefer another female doctor, but this is not the only criterion. An experienced surgeon is far more likely to produce a positive result, resulting in years of pleasure and boosted self-confidence. Choose an inexperienced practitioner, however, and it could lead to an extremely regrettable outcome.

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As with all surgical or invasive procedures, we encourage everyone to seek a second opinion by an appropriately qualified practitioner.