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Admission Information


If your procedure is in the morning, please have a light meal the night before surgery (before midnight). You may drink water (but no other fluids) up to 2 hours before the procedure but nothing else on the day until after the procedure. If the procedure is in the afternoon, you may have a light breakfast and drink only water up to 2 hours before the scheduled procedure time. You must not have anything to eat, including milk, juice, or soft drink for 6 hours before your procedure.

Do not drink alcohol or eat garlic for 48 hours before and after the procedure.


Do not take ASPIRIN OR ANTI-INFLAMMATORY MEDICATION (E.G., Naprosyn, Voltaren, Feldene, Brufen) for 2 weeks before surgery. Do not take more than 150 UI of Vitamin E and fish oil for 2 weeks before surgery. These medicines listed have a thinning affect on the blood and aggravate any bruising or bleeding tendencies. For headache relief and mild pain relief, please take only paracetamol or paracetamol with codeine.

Do not take any medication that has not been approved by the doctor.

Regular medications: Take your usual morning medications at least 2 hours before the procedure with a small amount of water unless otherwise instructed


The night before the procedure: You must use Chlorhexidine Pre-op wash 2% (can be purchased from the chemist). Apply and lather all over the body, paying particular attention to skin folds, crevices, navel, underarms and proposed operation site. The body should then be rinsed well and dried using a clean towel. Do not use it on your face; avoid getting in your eyes, ears and mouth. Avoid using rough scrub brushes and harsh scrubbing. If you have an allergy to Chlorhexidine, please use either Betadine wash or soapy water.


Wear old, comfortable, loose-fitting, dark clothing to the hospital. Pants, trousers or a tracksuit are advisable. Bring a scarf for neck and chin procedures.


You must arrange to be driven home after the procedure. A responsible adult must accompany you when you leave the Day Surgery and stay with you overnight. This person should have a contact number in case the procedure finishes at a different time than expected. Someone should be at home with you on the night of the procedure.

After the procedure, you should go home and rest. Avoid making any plans for the rest of the day. The anaesthetic drugs may affect your judgement, and you may faint with minimal warning. Therefore, you should not go to work, operate any machine, do housework, cook or sign any legal documents on this day.


The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights, second edition, describes patients’ rights using the Australian Health System. These rights are essential to ensure that wherever and whenever care is provided, it is of a high quality and safe.

A copy of this charter is available in reception in the patient information folder and on their website here. 


Theatre fees are to be paid at the time of booking. The theatre fee is non-refundable if you should change your mind.


All surgical fees must be paid to the Clinic no later than 48 hours before your procedure.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email or call me.

Kind regards,

Dr Joni Feldman