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Why choose Dr Joni Feldman?

Doctor Joni Feldman, cosmetic surgeon

You’re only given one body. Treat it with care…

It’s up to you to look after your body, and only you can make the right choices.

When it comes to revising or altering your appearance, there’s a dizzying array of practitioners, cosmetic treatments and surgical procedures to choose from. But in a time where procedures seem as easy to arrange as a haircut, many don’t perform the necessary research to find the best practitioner for our needs.

Dr Joni Feldman, M.B.B.S (MELB), general registration (MED0001156545),  FACCSM (Med) Fellow of Lipoplasty (ACCSM) is a qualified cosmetic physician   practising cosmetic medicine and cosmetic surgery at the Clinic of Cosmetic Medicine in Melbourne.

Now a registered day surgery, the clinic provides a full range of treatments including liposuction, facial aesthetics, cosmetic injections and facial rejuvenation.

Discover why so many women choose Dr Feldman

  • Dr Feldman started her practice in 1991 in Double Bay, Sydney, and was one of the first doctors to use anti-wrinkle injections in Australia.
  • As a female physician, many women feel much more comfortable opening up to Joni, discussing their personal appearance issues with ease.
  • Dr Feldman does not use assistants or nurses for injecting. All the injections are administered personally, so you’ll be treated by a cosmetic doctor every time.
  • Dr Feldman has been performing liposuction since the year 2000
  • Fellowship of Lipoplasty (ACCSM)
  • Her liposuction procedures can sometimes take longer than expected, as she often asks the patient to stand up several times during the session.
  • Dr Feldman is a Fellow of Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery, and Founding Member of Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia.
  • Dr Feldman and the South Yarra Day Surgery has been awarded accreditation by Global-Mark for the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. This certification demonstrates an organisation’s compliance to the requirements of specific Australian industry codes of practice, ensuring more confidence in the clinic for both stakeholders and the community.

Dr Feldman thoroughly recommends you take your time before deciding on your procedure – and your doctor. She suggests you investigate other practitioners and get a second opinion before choosing a practitioner.

After all, it’s your body, your choice. Make the right one.

For all enquiries about cosmetic procedures with Dr Feldman,
please call (03) 9824 2500.