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Why choose Dr Joni Feldman?

You’re only given one body. Treat it with care…

Doctor Joni Feldman, cosmetic surgeon

It’s up to you to look after your body, and only you can make the right choices. When it comes to perfecting and enhancing your appearance, there’s a dizzying array of practitioners, cosmetic treatments and surgical procedures to choose from. But in a time where procedures seem as easy to arrange as a haircut, many of us don’t perform the necessary research into finding the best practitioner for our needs.

Put your trust (and your body) in the hands of a highly reputable cosmetic surgeon

Dr Joni Feldman, M.B.B.S (MELB) FACCSM (Med) Fellow of Lipoplasty (ACCSM) is a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon with an outstanding track record who has been practising cosmetic medicine and cosmetic surgery at the Clinic of Cosmetic Medicine in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth for the last 23 years. Now a registered day surgery, the clinic provides a full range of treatments including liposuction, facial aesthetics, cosmetic injections and facial rejuvenation.

Discover why so many women choose Dr Feldman

  • As a female surgeon, many women feel much more comfortable opening up to Joni, discussing their personal appearance issues with ease.
  • Dr Feldman started her practice in 1991 in Double Bay, Sydney, and was one of the first doctors to use anti-wrinkle injections; so not only is she extremely skilled in the treatment, but there’s  very little she hasn’t learned about, seen, or experienced firsthand.
  • Dr Feldman does not use assistants or nurses for injecting. All the injections are administered personally, so you’ll be treated by an expert every time.
  • She has administered over 10,000 injections during her career.
  • Dr Feldman has been performing liposuction for over fifteen years.
  • She has an unblemished insurance record.
  • Joni is meticulous, and at times pedantic in her approach to both injecting and liposuction; always striving for natural looking results. She will often go against her patients’ wishes when they want to inject more than she feels is required, so as not to cross the ’natural’ line. She has an excellent, artistic eye for body shape and balance.
  • Her liposuction procedures can sometimes take longer than expected, as she often asks the patient to stand up several times during the session. Throughout the procedure she carefully and critically assesses the work, continually fine-tuning the body shape. She often uses a finer canula during the procedure to go that last micro millimetre for smoother results. Dr Feldman doesn’t give up until it’s perfect. Ever.
  • Joni’s liposuction mantra is ‘fine body sculpting’ rather than just basic fat reduction. Most patients come to her for her renowned finesse that she applies to her craft.
  • No patient of Dr Feldman’s ever gets the feeling that they are just another body on the conveyor belt.
  • Dr Feldman has a huge following of absolutely delighted customers.
  • Dr Feldman is a Fellow of Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery, and Founding Member of Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia.
  • Dr Feldman and the South Yarra Day Surgery has been awarded accreditation by Global-Mark for the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. This certification demonstrates an organisation’s compliance to the requirements of specific Australian industry codes of practice, ensuring more confidence in the clinic for both stakeholders and the community.

As with so many of Joni’s happy customers, we’re convinced you’ll be thrilled with the results that Dr Feldman can provide. However, always the ethical medical doctor, she thoroughly recommends you shop around and get a second opinion before choosing a practitioner.

After all, it’s your body, your choice. Make the right one.

For all enquiries about cosmetic procedures with Dr Feldman,
please call (03) 9824 2500