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Waist & Hips Liposuction in Melbourne

Stubborn deposits of fat on the waist, tummy and hips are sometimes difficult to remove through diet and exercise alone. If you’d like to remove fat cells from this area, and are already maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine, tumescent liposuction via day surgery in Melbourne may be an effective solution for you.

NB: Liposuction is not a cure for overweight or obesity, and cannot give everyone a ‘tiny’ waist, but it is an effective treatment for removing fatty tissue.

Targetting areas of the waist, hips and tummy

Liposuction can help trim the waist  from the front and back, and, if desired, trim any excess fatty areas around the bra strap. Read more information on abdominal liposuction and the difference between abdominoplasty (tummy tucks) and lipo here.

woman's waist


South Yarra Day Surgery


2-3 days


Mild sedation & local anaesthetic


3  weeks


1-3 hours


4-6 months

This information has been medically reviewed by Melbourne-trained cosmetic practitioner Dr Joni Feldman, M.B.B.S (MELB), F.F.M.A.C.C.S. Read more about Dr Feldman here >

Hips and Waist Liposuction: 2024 Before & After Photos

BEFORE thigh liposuction by Dr Feldman in Melbourne
AFTER thigh liposuction by Dr Feldman in Melbourne
BEFORE photo hips liposuction by Dr Feldman in Melbourne
AFTER PHOTO - hips liposuction by Dr Feldman in Melbourne
Thigh liposuction - rear - BEFORE - Dr Joni Feldman in Melbourne
Thigh liposuction - rear - AFTER - Dr Joni Feldman in Melbourne
Thigh liposuction - FRONT - BEFORE - Dr Joni Feldman in Melbourne
Thigh liposuction - front - AFTER - Dr Joni Feldman in Melbourne

The ‘before and after’ photographs on Dr Joni Feldman’s website illustrate examples of the types of procedures Dr Feldman provides, along with the results received. Results may vary, depending on the individual. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Read more about surgical risks here. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

More Before and After photos >>>

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The procedure

Dr Feldman performs all her tumescent liposuction procedures at her registered day procedure centre in South Yarra (near Toorak, Prahran, Windsor and Richmond). You will not require a general anaesthetic. Instead, you will be given local anaesthetic and a sedative. However, if you prefer, you can opt for twilight sedation, which is stronger again.


A few hours after the procedure, you will be allowed to return home. For six days, morning and night, you’ll be required to wear a compression garment to reduce swelling.

You can expect a return to work or life activities after one week.

For more information read the Liposuction FAQs  >

Potential liposuction risks

All surgery carries risks. It is essential you understand all the risks involved with liposuction to make an informed decision before proceeding.

Complications associated with liposuction may include asymmetry, skin rippling, excessive loose skin, poor scarring, abnormal skin pigmentation, bleeding, infection, seroma formation (fluid accumulation under the skin), deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications, swelling, poor wound healing, bruising, and a potential need for revision surgery. Dr Feldman will discuss all potential surgical risks with you at your initial consultation. She will be happy to address any concerns or questions so that you are fully informed before proceeding with your surgery.

For more information about liposuction, contact Dr Feldman’s office today