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The benefits of breast liposuction surgery


Melbourne women who’ve had breast liposuction know there’s more to it than simply smaller breasts. Literally lifting a weight off your shoulders, breast lipo can help you achieve a better quality of life. Smaller breasts allow you to feel lighter, stand straighter (free of neck/shoulder pain and headaches) and become more physically active again. But the list doesn’t stop there. Take a look…

  • Freedom from neck and shoulder pain: Not even the most supportive bra in the world can make a heavy breast lighter.  Heavy breasts can put a constant strain on your cervical and thoracic vertebra –  and the associated musculature. Such ongoing strain can be painful, stressful and exhausting.
  • Improved posture: Once excessive weight from your bust is removed, you can easily stand straighter and taller without exaggerated spinal curvature (hyperkyphosis). Consequently, women report they need fewer visits to the physiotherapist or chiropractor and use less pain medication.
  • No more bra strap indentations: Heavy breasts can negatively affect your soft tissue. After liposuction, you’ll no longer have dark indentation marks (or grooves) on your shoulders from heavily-weighted bra straps.
  • Smaller areola: Enlarged fatty breasts often stretch the areolar tissue over time. Once fatty tissue has been suctioned away, the areolar can shrink, giving a more youthful appearance to the entire breast.
  • Improve the appearance of the breast: Gravity pulls heavy breasts downwards, often giving large breasts a tubular shape. After tumescent liposuction, the breast can spring back to a more youthful shape that is rounder and firmer, with nipples sitting noticeably higher.
  • Lift nipple height by around 5 cm: Dr Feldman reports that most breast liposuction patients report an elevated nipple height of approximately five centimetres after surgery. However, results vary from patient to patient. Dr Feldman can give you a realistic indication of what may be achievable for you after a one-to-one consultation.
  • No more rashes: Rashes, skin irritation, chafing, and even fungal infections can develop under sagging breasts with excessive skin.
  • No general anaesthetic: As with all liposuction, there is no need for general anaesthetic with the breast liposuction procedure. This not only decreases the expense but makes the procedure far easier to recover from. Instead, only a light sedative or twilight sedation is used.
  • Minimal scarring: Conventional breast lift surgery usually leaves tell-tale scars around and underneath the nipple and the breast. Liposuction surgery only leaves a couple of tiny incision marks from the cannula, which fades quickly.
  • Far less discomfort than conventional surgery: As conventional breast lift surgery requires a lot of cutting, recovery is more painful. Alternatively, liposuction leaves you only with small cannula scars. Only minimal bruising or swelling is to be expected after the procedure.
  • Minimal recovery time: As mentioned above, conventional breast reduction surgery takes considerable recovery time. Comparatively, breast liposuction recovery time is much faster. You’ll need to stay home and rest for the first couple of days. If you have a sedentary job, you can return to work after approximately one week. Some light exercise can be performed after about two weeks, with full aerobic exercise after a minimum of four weeks.
  • Become active again: Once you’ve had a weight lifted off your shoulders, you can expect considerable relief, both emotionally and physically. You’re likely to find it far easier to recommence some of the physical activities that may have been neglected for years – or even longer. Gym, running, tennis, aerobics – even low-impact exercises like yoga become far more possible with less chest weight to carry. 
  • Enjoy new fashion & clothing options: With smaller breasts, there are opportunities for clothing and fashion galore. Much-desired items that were once off-limits, such as fitted blouses, tailored dresses, singlets, T-shirts and tightfitting items such as leotards and bathing suits, are all now exciting possibilities to explore.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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