Chin Liposuction in Melbourne

Chin and Neck Liposuction by Dr Joni FeldmanChin liposuction is a quick, minimally invasive procedure that can give beautiful, youth enhancing results.

Fatty deposits under the chin are usually genetic. Certain facial bone structures can also make it easier for a fleshy ‘double chin’ to appear. Those with small or receding chins have less of a bony structure to hide any soft flesh around the chin and subsequently find the flesh around the jawline more noticeable, producing an extra fold, or ‘double chin’.

Chin liposuction is a wonderfully effective cosmetic procedure that permanently removes fat around the chin and neck area.  As the procedure is not particularly invasive, the patient requires relatively little downtime. Often, only a small amount of fat needs to be removed, but the results can be dramatic, taking years off a person’s appearance and greatly restoring her or his confidence.

The chin liposuction procedure

Patients receiving chin liposuction (aka double chin liposuction) by Dr Feldman in South Yarra, Melbourne, will be admitted to a nominated day clinic. The procedure requires only local anaesthetic. Some patients may prefer an additional sedative to relax them; however, this is purely personal preference.

Dr Feldman will inject the area local anaesthetic solution to numb the area. Then, a few tiny incisions are made before a tiny cannula is inserted, which is attached to a suction pump. Only small quantities of fat are removed to produce quite dramatic results. The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes, and when completed, Sterri-Strips (not sutures) are used to close the wound. This is because the ‘wound’ is tiny, with only very small openings needing to be closed. the area usually heals within 3 days. A compression garment is worn for three days and six nights. In most cases there is minimal bruising and swelling; however, sometimes bruising may last for up to 10 days. 

After chin liposuction

Most individuals can return to their daily life activities soon after chin liposuction. However, be prepared for some local swelling and minimal bruising that may last for up to two weeks.

You will be required to wear a compression bandage for three days after the procedure. Many patients decide to take three days off work. However, this is only due to aesthetics, as there may be mild bruising to the area. Generally speaking, you won’t be in pain after this procedure. Within the first three days, the compression bandaged can be taken off for one hour a day.


Risks associated

Chin liposuction is a relatively safe procedure; however, with any surgical procedure there is always an element of risk. There is a minor chance of infection. To reduce this risk, Dr Feldman injects antibiotics at the time of the procedure, as well as a course of oral antibiotics to take home with them.

Skin retraction

Patients often wonder how the skin will  appear after liposuction. Fortunately, Dr Feldman is often pleasantly surprised at how well the skin retracts after chin liposuction. Generally speaking though, women’s skin tends to retract better than men’s.

Who should perform liposuction to the chin/jawline?

Only a doctor thoroughly experienced in liposuction should perform chin liposuction. The doctor must be experienced in sculpting such prominent and noticeable area of the body.  Dr Feldman has been performing liposuction for over 14 years and has successfully performed liposuction on over 1000 clients throughout Australia.