DNA repair skincare: attacking the ageing process from a new direction

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PRESCRIBEDsolutions DNA Cream

Despite the colossal amount of skincare products available, it’s rare to find a well-researched anti-ageing product that’s truly exciting – and one that makes a noticeable difference. However, a new and exceedingly promising approach to anti-ageing in skincare looks to disrupt the status quo.


Based on Nobel Prize-winning science which proved how damaged DNA in our skin cells can be repaired, DNA repair skincare does just that, repairing the damaged DNA and reversing signs of ageing.

Speaking on Channel 7 News earlier this month, Queensland cosmetic surgeon and government advisor Dr Mary Dingly said the science behind this type of DNA repair “tends to be particularly well researched…They can effectively repair much of the damage that has been done.”

Many brands reference ‘DNA’ in their labelling, but only two brands are at the forefront of this skincare science in Australia: PRESCRIBEDsolutions (also the makers of Retriderm Vitamin A Serums), and DNA Renewal.
All skin will change over time, but a lot of the change is due to environmental pollutants and sun damage which damage our DNA and accelerate premature skin ageing.

According to PRESCRIBEDsolutions DNA, DNA is the “building block of life” and the key to cellular health and survival. DNA repair is vital for repairing and maintaining youthful looking skin.

To help repair the DNA, scientists have gone about replicating nature. Our skin cells contain built-in protective mechanisms that use DNA repair enzymes. Scientists have encapsulated these enzymes in a liposomal delivery system, giving you topical treatments that penetrate the skin and help with its natural protective abilities.
These DNA repair enzymes then help repair the damaged DNA caused by UV exposure.

The PRESCRIBEDsolutions DNA repair serums and creams were put to the test in a 2012 study by leading USA dermatologists Herna Sundaram MD, Vivian Bucay MD and Monika Kiripolski MD “Skin Ageing & Photo Damage Improvement – Using a DNA Repair and Anti-Glycation Skincare Regime”.

Over a 12 week period, 27 people with moderate to severe photodamage were treated. Results showed significant improvements from baseline for visible signs of ageing and photodamage. Percentages below are based on the Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale (GAIS).
• 96% showed improvement
• 52% showed marked or exceptional improvement

The DNA repair regime

PRESCRIBEDsolutions DNA has two triple action products. Urbane Renewal (Triple Action DNA Repair Serum) and Cream – No Sugar (Triple Action DNA Repair Night Cream).

Urbane Renewal

Urbane Renewal DNA Skincare online“Urbane Renewal addresses DNA repair along with urban antioxidant protection and mitochondrial repair. Urban antioxidant protection has become a necessity as pollutants like smog, cigarette smoke and pesticides have been shown to damage skin tissues. The mitochondrial repair provided by creatine enhances this antioxidant protection and DNA repair. Mitochondria provide cells with energy, a necessary component of cell function. Together, these three ingredients are a powerful rejuvenation combination!”

Cream – No Sugar

“Cream – No Sugar moisturises the skin while providing DNA repair and preventing glycation. Glycation occurs when oxidatively damaged proteins (collagen, elastin, keratin, etc.) react with sugars in the skin. Preventing glycation from taking place allows those proteins to rebuild to maintain skin elasticity and volume. Cream – No Sugar is so rich with luxurious moisturisers that the skin won’t know it’s on a sugar-free diet!”

To adhere to the  regime used in the 2012 study, both products must be used as follows:

1. Urbane Renewal Triple Action Antioxidant Serum
2. Sunscreen

1. Urbane Renewal Triple Action Antioxidant Serum
2. Cream – No Sugar Triple Action Anti-Glycation Cream

Purchase both PRESCRIBEDsolutions DNA products here.