Retriderm Serums: Reverse Skin Ageing with Retinol

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Frankly, most of us can do without the reminder that time is not kind to our complexions. Despite many wishes to the contrary, time marches on, dragging us through the ageing process with it. Age does provide us with many blessings: wisdom, dignity, priceless experience and so much more, but it also gives our skin wrinkles, pigmentation, loss of tone and other visible signs of skin ageing. Now, some of this is inevitable but, fortunately, new anti-ageing skincare cosmeceuticals give us the chance to reverse visible signs of ageing. Let’s have a look at how skin ageing happens, and the positive action you can take!

Volumising Fillers by Dr Joni FeldmanSomewhere along the line, we’ve all looked at a 20-year-old’s complexion and come to the conclusion that we’ve aged! That exquisite radiance has quietly slipped away. That plump, firm skin have gone, along with that even toned, smooth complexion, free from pigmentation and lines. What has actually happened here? Many changes have taken place but put simply, young people have faster cellular renewal, more protective properties on the surface of the skin, and less time clocked up for environmental damages to take effect.

Young, healthy skin has firmness and elasticity. This is because the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis, had natural moisturising factors and skin lipids that attract and retain water, which keep the cells plump. Deeper down in the epidermis, there are skin pigmentation cells. New skin cells are constantly being produced while the old skin cells flake off. This continual reproduction keeps skin even-toned and luminous.

Below the epidermis lies the key architecture of the skin, known as the extracellular matrix (ECM). This is a network of elastin and collagen fibres that produce firmness, elasticity and smoothness. It’s also where skin cells known as fibroblasts are made, which produce and replace the collagen and elastin. These fibroblasts also produce other important moisturising factors such as hyaluronic acid (responsible for the skin’s hydration, plumpness and smoothness).

In the extracellular matrix, there are blood capillaries which supply moisture, oxygen and nutrients, feeding the skin and keeping it looking fresh and vibrant.

And on the surface of the skin, we have natural protecting antioxidants which defend against free radicals that cause significant skin damage.

Changes with age

Dermal Fillers by Dr Joni FeldmanOur skin’s cellular renewal, repair and protection mechanisms work dynamically until we are in our early to mid-20s. After this time, renewal and protective processes start to slow down and progressively get worse as time marches on. This (annoying) fact is compounded by the fact that our continual exposure to UV rays and other external pollutants further stress the skin.

As the skin ages, your production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid also slows down. The blood supply to the skin becomes less efficient, resulting in the skin appearing less vibrant. The surface of our skin also changes, with our antioxidant protectants becoming less efficient.

Our own ageing process, combined with the ongoing assault of environmental damage to our skin can seem like a depressing story. Now that we’re armed with knowledge on why these changes take place, however, we can take positive action to reduce the visible signs of skin ageing.

Combating the Natural Ageing Process

For Australian men and women, visible signs of ageing and sun damage may start to show in their early 30s. From this age, a regenerating and anti-ageing regime is advisable. Your skincare regime should address the following:

  • collagen repairVolumising Fillers performed by Dr Joni Feldman
  • increase hyaluronic acid
  • clear pigmentation
  • improve the structure & appearance of the epidermis

Benefits of Retinol

By adding a Retinol serum to your skincare regime, you will be addressing all of the above issues. Retinol is a bioavailable form of Vitamin A that we naturally absorb through the foods we eat. However, in a cosmetic formula it is manufactured in a protein-rich serum that is readily absorbed into your skin.

Retriderm Serum

There are many Retinol products on the market, but Retriderm is an excellent formula. Retriderm contains a Retinol embedded in a protein-rich serum, which optimises stability and bioavailability in your skin. This formula also prevents irritation, unlike traditional Retin-A formulas, which were dry and harsh on the skin. Additionally, Retriderm contains collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and the ever important Vitamin E for further antioxidant protection.

“Retriderm delivers a cosmeceutical strength retinol within enhanced absorption for increased effectiveness. The results are maximum skin benefits! The exclusive formula makes this product unique amongst retinol products, allowing for maximum absorption at your skin with minimum irritation.”

– dermocosmetica

Retriderm Serum MaxRetriderm has been tried and tested by many internationally renowned dermatologists and is proven to fight the visible signs of sun damage and ageing. And, it will show significant improvements in your complexion.


After only four weeks of daily use, individuals can usually see noticeable skin improvement. However, ongoing daily use will give further improvements, and it is recommended that Retriderm is used on a long-term basis.

Retriderm is available in three strengths:

  • Retriderm MILD – a mild formula for beginners and those with extremely sensitive skin, If you are not sure which strength to use, contact us today for advice.
  • Retriderm PLUS – a medium strength formula for those that have progressed from the mild formula, or have normal skin and have used a retinol before.
  • Retriderm MAX – a maximum strength formula for those that have used the milder formulas and are ready to progress to full strength.

All Retriderm serums are available to purchase online here.

If you’re unsure of the correct strength for you or have any queries regarding Retriderm or your home skincare regime, please contact us today for advice.