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Chins, armpits, ankles: Small lipo procedures; big results

By October 7, 2017October 30th, 2019Uncategorized

Leg Ankle & Calf Liposuction by Dr FeldmanSome body parts may be small, but when they are highly visible, small surgical changes with lipo can that reap fantastic results. And chins, armpits and ankles are fantastic examples…


“Why didn’t I have this done years ago?!”

“Why didn’t I have this done years ago?” is a common refrain we hear. Happy patients are astounded that such a small, quick lipo procedure could make such a dramatically positive impact on their lives. That’s the beauty of liposuction. Not only can it be used on common areas such as tummies, thighs or bottoms, but also on small areas of the body with surprisingly positive results.

There are parts of our body that are highly visible, or highly personal, and this is where small cosmetic changes can make a big difference to both your appearance and self-esteem. Obviously, it’s normal, and healthy to ask yourself if it’s worth the bother. If it’s only a small amount here or there, what’s the problem? But if the error does cause an issue for you, and the surgery itself is only minimally invasive – liposuction may well be worth investigating.

Chin, neck & jawline

Chins and necks a perfect example of how tiny changes can make a big difference. Small, ‘weak’ chins can appear a lot more defined once the soft, fatty tissue is removed. For those in the corporate world, neck liposuction can be extremely youth enhancing, with the patient looking thinner, younger and fitter.

Mons pubis

The Mons Pubis, also known as the Mons Venus or Mons Veneris is that small bit of fleshy tissue that sits on top of their pubic bone (and below the panty line). The amount of fatty tissue in this area varies between individuals. Often, the amount of fat here is hormonally related: upon entering puberty, oestrogen levels change – fatty tissue is deposited, and pubic hair grows. Some women feel embarrassed about this fleshy protuberance as it may rub or drag against clothing, become sweaty or noticeably bulge when wearing tight clothes. In extreme cases, the bulge may be so large that a woman may suffer bacterial or fungal infections. Liposuction can dramatically remedy this concern.


Pudgy ankles are often nicknamed as ‘cankles’ or ‘fankles’, referring to the area between the ankle and calf that has lost definition. No longer calf or ankle, it becomes one, nondescript ‘cankle’. This highly noticeable area can be nicely improved through tumescent liposuction, using a very fine cannula. Only a skilled liposuction surgeon to perform this procedure, though, as there are many nerves and blood vessels vulnerable to injury around this area. As this area is prone to fluid build-up, the surgeon must also leave tiny holes to openly drain the ankle area.


Fatty knees are a concern for many women. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot of liposuction to give a very pleasing, streamlined look to the legs – giving a great boost of confidence when wearing skirts, dresses or shorts.

Male chest (man boobs or gynaecomastia)

Some men develop unwanted fatty tissue around their breast area, over their pectoral muscles. This is known as gynaecomastia, and could be through lack of exercise, or through hormonal changes. Liposuction can remove this fatty tissue, streamlining the chest area for a more sculpted appearance. Occasionally, though, some men have a build-up of actual breast tissue and not fat which must be removed through plastic surgery, not liposuction.